ROUTE No. 04-16
  • 3 days / 2 nights

    The duration of the tour.
  • 720 km.

    The total length of the tour
  • From April to November

  • On the Protected areas of Mangystau

    The special feature of the tour
  • SUV

    Type of transport
  • services of a professional guide (Russian, Kazakh or English)

    Excursion service:
  • 2 nights in tents.

    Type of placement
  • By yourself or ordering catering

    Type of food
Day 1
Aktau city - Karagie depression, reserved part - Onere spring - Karynzharyk depression, overnight in tents.
In the morning departure from Aktau city.
On this route you will visit one of the deepest depressions, popularly known as the Black Mouth. You will learn about the geographical features of the peninsula, its deserts, mountains and depressions, with an inspection of the Karagie depression, at around 116 m below sea level. Excursion to the protected part of the territory of the Karagie depression. Driving along the flat takyrs and along the sand dunes of Karagiye, you will discover the variety of landscapes of the depression. A walk among the dense thickets of tamarisk, with an inspection of rocks of amazing shapes and colors, as well as a visit to the lake, framed by dense thickets of reeds.On the way, stop near the Onere spring. The spring is surrounded by dense thickets of reeds and tamarisk.

In the evening arrival at the Karynzharyk depression.
Karynzharyk is a depression at around 70 meters below the World Ocean. The bottom of the depression is a saline wasteland. Five mountains rise above the Kenderlinsky Sor, the height of each of the mountains is 150 meters.
From the height of the Ustyurt plateau, you have to watch the sunset, slowly descending beyond the horizon of the Karynzharyk depression and illuminating the "mountains - batyrs".

Overnight in tents.

Day 2
Karynzharyk Depression - Steep slopes of the Ustyurt Plateau - Bozzhyra Valley, overnight in tents.
Early morning watching the sunrise. After breakfast, an introductory walk around the area.

Further transfer to the Bozzhyra valley.
Bozzhyra is a valley surrounded by picturesque steep sides of the Ustyurt Plateau, formed by Cretaceous deposits. Bozzhyra - dazzling white rocky outliers among which the most famous remnant resembles the shape of two huge fangs. Here you can fully experience the greatness of nature. An exciting walk, sightseeing and time for photography awaits you.

Overnight in tents.
Day 3
Bozzhyra tract - Tuyesu sand dunes - Senek necropolis (XVII-XX centuries) - Aktau city.

In the morning, continue exploring the Ustyurt Plateau - the Bozzhyr Valley.

After lunch, transfer to the village of Senek. Opportunity to drive through the Tuyesu sand dunes and take a short walk on the sands.

Further transfer to the Senek necropolises of the 17th - 20th centuries - memorial monuments buried in the sands.