Route 04-06
  • 2 days / 1 night

    The duration of the tour.
  • 600 km.

    The total length of the tour
  • From April to November

  • Canyons of colorful clays and dazzling white sor Tuzbair

    The special feature of the tour
  • by off-road vehicle or by off-road bus of the PAZ brand

    Type of transport
  • services of a professional guide (Russian, Kazakh or English)

    A professional guide to choose from
  • In tents

    Type of placement
  • Independently or ordering catering.

    Type of food
День 1
Город Актау – каньон Карадиирмен (черный каньон) – каньон Сарыдиирмен (цветной каньон) - прогулка по Западному Чинку Устюрт – белоснежный сор Тузбаир, ночлег в палатках.
In the morning, departure from Aktau city to the area of the Karatau ranges (black mountains).

Arrival at the canyons of colorful clays, in which you will walk along the colored canyon, where new types of colored rocks with incredible shapes and colors open up around every turn.

Then transfer to Sor Tuzbair, where the amazing and peculiar beauty of the Mangystau nature is fully revealed. After a long journey, the monotonous views of the Mangystau steppe suddenly change, and a panorama opens of the fantastic extravaganza of the chinks of the Ustyurt plateau, in the area of Sora Tuzbair.
Overnight in tents.
Day 2
Snow–white sor Tuzbair is the city of Aktau.
In the morning, familiarization with the area.

Sor Tuzbair – The Western chink of Ustyurt — are boiling-white steep cliffs and cascades of clay-limestone deposits at the foot of which lies an endless salt marsh wasteland, dazzling in the rays of the sun. From the height of the plateau, tourists can see a panorama of the remnant mountains, ridges and cliffs with deep steep lagoons.
A walk through the snow-white sora Tuzbair.

In the evening, return to Aktau city. End of service