Route 04-11
  • 2 days / 1 night

    The duration of the tour.
  • 660 km.

    The total length of the tour
  • From April to November

  • Acquaintance with the life and work of the Great Kobzar.

    The special feature of the tour
  • an SUV or a bus

    Type of transport
  • Russian-speaking / Kazakh-speaking / English-speaking

    A professional guide to choose from
  • In a natural felt yurt in the "Ethnic village "Kogez"

    Type of placement
  • In the cafe "Kogez", on the basis of dinner and breakfast.

    Type of food
Day 1
Aktau city – Fort Shevchenko city – the territory of the former Novopetrovsky fortification on the Kurgantash hill – park reserve – Taras Grigoryevich Shevchenko Memorial Museum – Hanga Baba tract – Karagashty aulie necropolis – Doly apa necropolis – yurt camping "Ethno village "Kogez", literary evening by the campfire, overnight in a natural yurt.
In the morning, departure from Aktau city.

The route begins with a visit to the ancient coastal town of Fort Shevchenko, where there is a memorial museum dedicated to the life and work of poet and artist Taras Grigoryevich Shevchenko, during his exile in Mangyshlak. The great Ukrainian kobzar left an indelible mark in the history of the Mangystau region.

Being a talented artist, he was enrolled in the expedition to Mangystau. You can go through the places of the expedition of the Great Kobzar on this route.

Along the route, you will see the ancient necropolises of Karagashty aulie and Dola Apa, which the artist Taras Grigoryevich Shevchenko captured in his drawings, get acquainted with the variety of memorial forms of architecture and hear legends and legends about them.

Rest in the picturesque tract of Hanga Baba.

In the evening, arrive at a cozy and hospitable yurt ethno - camping located in the picturesque mountainous part of Mangystau, where you will have dinner in a cafe, a literary evening by the campfire, accommodation in a natural felt yurt.
On request and for an additional fee, an excursion "Under the arch of the Kazakh yurt".
Day 2.
Ethno village "Kogez" - mount ostanets Sherkala - a chain of ostanets mountains in the valley of Airakty – Shomanai (Valley of Castles) - Aktau city.
After breakfast in the ethnoaul, departure to the route where you will get acquainted with the mountainous part of Mangystau.
Crossing Kogez – Mount Sherkala.

Mount Sherkala is a unique natural object, the lonely Ostanets mountain, striking from different viewing points with its variety of shapes and outlines, creating a fantastic impression of mysticism and monumentality. Walking around the mountain.
A visit to the territory where one of the oldest and most unique settlements of the Great Silk Road was once located, surprisingly connected with the Caspian Sea.

And the route ends in the Airakty – Shomanai valley, in the center of which the mountain remains rise like majestic castles of the Middle Ages and at every turn a new transformation of rock massifs. The grandeur, scale and unique flavor of these mountains at one time impressed the Ukrainian poet and artist Taras Grigoryevich Shevchenko and inspired him to new creations.
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