Route 04-07
  • 2 days / 1 night

    The duration of the tour.
  • 600 km.

    The total length of the tour
  • Year-round

  • Pilgrimage tour with observance of rituals accepted in holy places

    The special feature of the tour
  • an SUV or a bus

    Type of transport
  • Russian-speaking / Kazakh-speaking / English-speaking

    A professional guide to choose from
  • In tents or in the Beket Ata guest house

    Type of placement
  • Independently or ordering catering.

    Type of food
Day 1
Aktau city – Karagiye depression – Zhanaozen city –Shopan ata underground mosque – Kuyeutam Mausoleum - Beket ata Underground Mosque (Oglandy), overnight in tents on the territory.
Pilgrimages to holy places have been made at all times by people who are ready for new journeys in search of spiritual truth. The pilgrimage tour to the holy places of Mangystau is filled with history, legends and, of course, miracles…

In the morning, departure from the city of Aktau to the Karagiye depression, which occupies the 3rd place in the world in depth (the bottom of the dry salt lake Batyr). It is part of the Karagie – Karakol Nature Reserve. Inspection of the Karagie depression at 116 m. below the level of the world ocean, stop at the observation deck.

On the way, check into the Kuyeutam necropolis – according to legend, the native son-in-law of Saint Shopan ata is buried here. This is the first place of pilgrimage on the way to the Shopan Ata necropolis.

The name of Saint Shopan Ata is widely known in the territory of the region. Visit to the underground mosque of the holy elder Shopan Ata, according to legend, a disciple of the great Khoja Ahmed Yassawi, the famous Sufi poet, mystic and philosopher. Acquaintance with the variety of necropolises on the territory of the mosque and with the traditional rituals adopted in holy places. A visit to his grave is an integral object of visits by pilgrims on the way to the great Kazakh shrine - the underground mosque of Beket Ata.

Next, transfer to the underground mosque of Beket Ata. The underground mosque of Beket Ata (XVIII–XIX centuries) occupies a special position in the Muslim world. This is a holy place, which is on a par with the graves of Mohammed and Kozhakhmet in importance. Beket Ata is known in the Muslim world as a soothsayer and prophet to whom the Book of Genesis is revealed. Descent down a long winding staircase to the underground mosque of the Saint, where pilgrims will be able to read prayers to receive the blessing of the saint, as well as visit the sacred spring, where water flows according to legend with holy power. Getting to know the rituals in the holy place.

Overnight in tents on the territory of Beket ata.
Day 2
Beket ata Underground Mosque - Ulykindikti cult and burial complex - Senek necropolis (XVII—XX centuries) – ancient library building – Zhanaozen city - Aktau city.
In the morning, transfer to Beket ata - Ulykindikti cult and burial complex.
In the mysterious cult and burial complex, tourists will learn about the development of spiritual culture in the Kazakh nation.

Then we will move to the necropolises of the Seneca of the XVII – XX centuries - memorial architectural monuments covered with sand dunes. The building of the ancient library is located on the territory of the necropolis.

In the evening, return to Aktau city. End of service
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