Route 04-01
"Fantastic canyons of Mangystau"
  • 2 days / 1 night

    The duration of the tour.
  • 360 km.

    The total length of the tour
  • from April to November

  • 10 km trekking along the Zhygylgan canyon

    The special feature of the tour
  • SUV or bus GROOVE

    Type of transport
  • Russian-speaking / Kazakh-speaking / English-speaking

    A professional guide to choose from
  • In tents

    Type of placement
  • Independently or ordering catering.

    Type of food
Day 1
Aktau city - Zhygylgan Canyon - Shakpakatasai Canyon, overnight in tents
In the morning, departure from Aktau city.

Visit to the grandiose geological failure of Zhigylgan (fallen earth). The huge Zhygylgan canyon is in the form of a regular circle with a diameter of up to 10 km, one edge of which goes into the sea, formed as a result of the strongest landslide processes.

Tourists will have the opportunity to walk along the bottom of the canyon among the piles of rock fragments of the most bizarre shapes and see the traces of primitive horses and saber-toothed cats frozen in stone. After long walks among the stone forest in the Zhygylgan canyon, you will have a relaxing swim at the sea.

In the evening, transfer to Shakpakatasai Canyon and overnight in tents.
Day 2
Shakpakatasai Canyon - exotic stone formations of sedimentary rocks - monuments of the period of the Great Patriotic War - the village of Taushyk - the territory where the coal mines were located - the city of Aktau.
A walk through the amazing beauty of the Shakpaktysai canyon. Like the crests of mythical dragons, white and yellow remnant mountains rise here, bizarrely eaten away by wind and rain. Sightseeing and time for photographing landscapes.

Along the way, you will get acquainted with the territory where the coal mines were located, with monuments from the period of the Great Patriotic War and exotic stone formations of sedimentary rocks.

In the evening, return to Aktau city.
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