Route 04-13
  • 3 days / 2 nights

    The duration of the tour.
  • 1160 км.

    The total length of the tour
  • From April to November

  • Ethnography of the region

    The special feature of the tour
  • SUV or bus

    Type of transport
  • services of a professional guide (Russian, Kazakh or English)

    Excursion service:
  • in natural felt yurts in the ethno village "Kogez" (4-5 people per yurt) - 2 nights

    Type of placement
  • in the cafe of the ethno village "Kogez" and lunch boxes

    Type of food
Day 1
Aktau city - Kapamsay canyon - underground mosque Shakpak ata - valley of spherical stone concretions Torysh - mountain remnant of Sherkala - yurt glamping "Ethno aul" Kogez ", overnight in a natural yurt.
In the morning departure from Aktau city.
Further along the route, acquaintance with the chalk canyon Kapamsay. Panorama of the steep slopes, a short walk along the bottom of the canyon.Transfer canyon Kapamsay - Shakpak ata. Tourists will visit the Shakpak-Ata underground mosque, a monument of history and culture of the 10th century. Gloomy, squeezed by thick walls, covered with drawings and signs, the sanctuary is hidden from the expanses of earth and sky, from human voices. The mosque makes you feel the breath of antiquity, marvel at the skill of the ancient builders, their ability to link the formidable nature and the grandeur of the temple into one whole.
Transfer Shakpak ata - the valley of spherical stone concretions Torysh. Arrival in a mysterious valley dotted with huge stone balls of various fantastic shapes. Walking along the valley, taking pictures among the bizarre forms of stone concretions.

Further visit of the natural monument fanned by a legend. Mount Sherkala is a unique natural object, a lonely mountain remnant from different points of view, striking in the variety of its shapes and outlines, creating a fantastic impression of mysticism and monumentality. Walking tour around the mountain.

In the evening, arrival at a cozy and hospitable yurt ethno-camping located in the picturesque mountainous part of Mangistau, where you will have an excursion "Under the arch of the Kazakh yurt", dinner in a cafe, evening by the fire and overnight in a natural felt yurt (accommodation for 5 people in a yurt).

Day 2
Ethno village "Kogez" - a chain of remnant mountains in the Shomanai valley - Airakty (Valley of Castles) - Western Chink of Ustyurt - Sor Tuzbair - yurt glamping "Ethno village "Kogez", overnight in a natural yurt.
Breakfast in the cafe of the ethno village "Kogez". Next exit. Excursion along the Shomanai valley - Airakty (Valley of Castles), in the center of which mountain remnants rise like majestic castles of the Middle Ages and at every turn a new transformation of rock masses. Along the sides of Mount Airakty, on blocks of chalk, you can see scratched drawings, called by one of the researchers “Steppe symphonies”.Further transfer to Tuzbair.

Tuzbair is the Western chink of Ustyurt with steep cliffs and cascades of clay-limestone deposits at the foot of which lies an endless solonchak wasteland dazzlingly shining in the sun.

In the evening, return to the ethno village "Kogez", where you will have dinner in a cafe and overnight in a natural felt yurt (accommodation for 5 people in a yurt).
Day 3
Ethno aul "Kogez" - underground mosque Shopan ata - underground mosque Beket ata (Oglandy) - Steep slopes of the Ustyurt Plateau - Bozzhyra valley - Aktau city.
In the morning transfer to underground mosque Shopan ata. A visit to the underground mosque of the holy elder Shopan ata, according to legend, the disciple of the great Khoja Ahmed Yassavi, a famous Sufi poet, mystic and philosopher. Acquaintance with the variety of necropolises on the territory of the mosque and with the traditional rites adopted in holy places.
The Becket-Ata underground mosque occupies a special position in the Muslim world. This is a holy place, which in importance is on a par with the burial places of Mohammed and Kozhakhmet. Becket ata is known in the Muslim world as a soothsayer and prophet to whom the book of life is open. Descent along a long winding staircase to the underground mosque of the Saint, where pilgrims can read prayers to receive the blessing of the saint, and also visit the sacred spring, where water, according to legend, has holy power. Acquaintance with rituals in a holy place.

Steep slopes of the Ustyurt Plateau - Bozzhyra Valley.

Bozzhyra is a valley surrounded by picturesque steep sides of the Ustyurt Plateau formed by Cretaceous deposits. Bozzhyra - dazzling white rocky outcrops among which the most famous one resembles the shape of two huge fangs. Here you can fully experience the greatness of nature.